DSLR Full Form, What is the Full form of DSLR?

By | January 7, 2020

DSLR Full Form

DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex. This refers to a digital camera that combines a single-lens reflex camera’s optics and mechanism with the digital imaging sensor. Simply put, it is a digital camera that uses mirror to focus the light from the lens to the viewfinder.The viewfinder is a hole at the back of the camera used to preview the image before you capture it. The DSLR camera is equipped with interchangeable lenses. It lets you swap lenses to get a different view of the scene. DSLR Full Form

DSLR Full Form, What is the Full form of DSLR?

Full Form Of DSLR 

digital single-lens reflex In the reflex design, the light travels through the lens and then to the mirror that intends to send the image to the viewfinder. The single lens helps the viewfinder to present an image that is the same as the image captured by the camera sensor.

Advantages over the normal camera

  • Photo quality :Lack of photo noise (digital noise) due to larger image sensors is one advantage of the DSLR over other cameras.
  • RAW mode : DSLR captures more detail and allows for more flexibility in editing photos that improve overall photo quality.
  • Speed :The DSLR camera focuses more easily on the subject than a compact digital camera.
  • Frame rate is the number of frames that a camera can take per second. Normally, a digital SLR camera is good at taking a series of pictures of a moving subject and can re-focus as the subject moves.
  • DSLR will turn on instantly as soon as it is switched on, compared to other cameras.
  • When a compact camera zooms out, the engine whirls and the lens slowly extends, while the Digital SLRs do not work in this motorized way. The lens zooms by turning the lens barrel, giving an instant zoom.
  • Flexibility : The lens quality is poor with respect to the lenses available for digital SLRs. Digital SLR lenses have large openings that are much wider than traditional zoom lenses. This means that the shutter speed can be higher because there is more light in the sensor.
  • The tiny flash on top of compact cameras doesn’t suit the strong flash for digital SLRs.
  • SLR also eliminates Redeye.
  • Dust is prevented from entering the chamber by means of a “dust cover” filter right behind the lens mount in the DSLR.
  • Higher ISO settings.

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